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About us

In order for us to have a successful operation, we must treat each customer not as a number, but as an individual with courtesy and respect.

Simply stated, our company's purpose is:

To offer the best material available.
To offer the highest standard of workmanship.
To offer the best possible prices.
To honor our customers in the way we conduct business and the way we lead our employees.

Why choose Harris?

Because only Harris Siding and Windows has these exclusive features to protect and help you!

Notarized statement from the president of Harris Siding and Windows - your assurance of fair and honest treatment.

Free inspection certificates for your siding. We want to be sure your siding is in good condition throughout your guarantee period.

Certified Harris Siding and Windows, Inc. agreement to protect the homeowner against sales frauds. Our representatives can be trusted.

The home office staff - courteous and efficient. Lifetime non-prorated material guarantee which is longer than other limited and prorated material guarantees.

Mechanics' and Materials' double payment protection to prevent unexpected liens which can cause a homeowner to pay twice for an application.

Our exclusive liability insurance agreement to protect the homeowner against accidents and personal injury. One accident can be expensive.

Dow fan fold insulation - the perfect insulation for use with our siding. It offers insulation by non-conduction and by radiation.

Contact us

Custom made replacement windows for that perfect fit.

Deluxe soffit and fascia systems for the finishing touch.

Testimonials including home owner's name and address - references to aid in your investigation of our company.

Skilled craftsmen to perform the work. No other company spends so much time and effort to train and to motivate highly skilled workmen. We will do it right!

It is just as important to us as it is to you that you get a quality job that will look good for years to come.

Everything is our responsibility - we take all the risks. You must be 100% satisfied before you pay a single penny.